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Portrait of Shawn Ingersoll

Shawn Ingersoll

A Digital & Visual Hybrid Designer

A Designer & Photographer in Milwaukie, Oregon. years of creative experience through my freelance and in-house work at Fred Meyer, ENGIE and M Financial Group.

A father to three amazing boys, husband to my best friend, and forever in love with the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy growing plants of all kinds, herding our colorful flock of backyard chickens, standing below old trees, and snapping photos on a variety of vintage cameras I've collected over the years.

Recently became a Mentor to a recent College Design graduate through the AIGA Portland Mentorship Program.

I would describe myself as introverted and mostly quiet (but can be chatty around those I know well), introspective and analytical, down-to-earth, bit witty with a dry sense of humor, always curious, a visual thinker, honest, empathetic, and a good listener.

Happy to discuss your project or answer any questions you might have. You can use the Contact Us form in the nav bar or send an email to

Note to Hiring Managers & Recruiters: Actively looking for my next in-house Designer role. Titles that relate to my experience include Digital Designer, Visual Designer, Graphic Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer, Multimedia Designer or Art Director role.

In-House Experience

Senior Digital Designer


M Financial Group

A lead in M Financial’s Digital & Creative Marketing Departments web design/development (including UX/UI best practices), email design/development, and photo/video shoot and production work. Providing art direction, advice, and mentorship in areas of expertise. Advocating for best design practices and digital improvements. Pushing for and implementing accessible design practices. Building and leveraging CMS Collections to streamline work. Working with outside vendors to direct and execute on various projects/services.

Graphic & Web Designer


ENGIE & Utility Clients

Led accounts from the design perspective executing brand-aligned print, P.O.P, digital, social (static and motion), and web for multiple utility clients including PPL Electric Utilities, TEP/UES, PECO, and marketing teams. Advocated for the use of appropriate technology and tools to ensure our team could provide better creative services and be more efficient. Collaborated on corporate creative initiatives including the redesign of the company website from wireframe and prototypes to final assets, ensuring it met current trends/standards and was responsive.

Interactive Designer


Fred Meyer

Developed responsive HTML/CSS email designs for customers that promoted sales. Creating images, illustrations, animations, and unique digital coupons for in store use. Processed product images for the Fred Meyer eCommerce website while maintaining image standards.

Services Available


Digital Design

  • Responsive design
  • Digital-Based Marketing Materials
  • Digital Ads & Social Media Content
  • eCommerce Content
  • Email Campaigns
  • Prototyping & Proofing

Print Design

  • Marketing Materials
  • Environmental Signage
  • Product Packaging
  • On-Product Designs
  • Branded Products
  • Fillable Forms

Photography & Video

  • Headshots & Portraits
  • Product Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Lifestyle & Landscape
  • Web & Print Optimized
  • Color correction, manipulation & retouching
  • Interview & Sound Capture

Front-End Development

  • Modifying JS
  • Collaborate with 3rd party on implementation

Branding & Illustration

  • Organization Logos
  • Icons & Illustrations
  • Style Guides

General Services

  • Closed Captioning & Subtitles
  • Motion graphics
  • Creative Briefs
  • FTP/Webmail Setup
  • PowerPoint

The Chart of Experience

As a neurodivergent designer I...

  • am a visual and creative thinker with strong visual memory and pattern recognition.
  • have rapid comprehension of information/systems and use skip thinking.
  • can break down complex information and make it accessible to others.
  • notice the small details, predict unforseen issues and find creative solutions.
  • empathize with the end-users while designing.
  • thrive with challenging, complex, and varied projects.

Learn more about the benefits of Neurodiversity in the workplace:

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